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Whether you’re looking to replace your IT infrastructure with a 15 node Nutanix cluster or helping you find a solution for a difficult IT issue with that 50 user Citrix farm, we deliver the high standard of personal, attentive and professional service that NorthPort customers have come to expect and appreciate — we’re friendly human faces in a fast-moving digital industry.

Those ‘lightbulb moments’ along the way are what excite us — the satisfaction of working in sync with your team and finding the best route past those pain points that inevitably occur for all busy, ambitious businesses. Through good ideas, strong relationships and a practical approach, our success is your success.

Our Services

IT Consultancy

From helping with business acquisitions to making backup and recovery more cost effective, we can help. Recent work includes building a large hyperconverged cluster for an oil & gas operator to a small Citrix farm for an oil & gas service company who wanted remote access for 3D graphically intensive applications. We are always ready to discuss your thoughts over a coffee!

IT Strategy

This is what we do – we help business achieve their goals by building an IT strategy to support those goals. Our team on average has 20 years’ experience in IT and so can use this experience and knowledge as to what works and on occasion, what doesn’t.

Cyber Security

We have many years’ experience in securing IT systems including internal networks and industrial systems. We would be more than happy to discuss how we could help you and your business with any security requirements you may have. NorthPort are Cyber Essentials Plus Certified.

Lightbulb Moments

Sometimes, a business needs to do things in a different way. These can be our lightbulb moments. These include migration from legacy systems (if the vendor states that the hardware and software you are migrating away from is unsupported and you are on your own with 400 servers, what do you do?) to assisting with moving your entire business to work from home in a novel way, this is what we’ve done and what we do.


IT specialists offering practical, people-centric service and solutions tailored to fit your business, now and in the years to come.

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Our clients depend on us to ensure they are equipped to reach their business goals, and in turn we depend on them.