Did you really buy that Album?

Panic at the disco - a fraught daughter stating categorically that she did not buy all this stuff on the Apple invoice she's just received. It's clearly an email from Apple and she's clicked on the link that states - "get a refund here".

And that's where it failed. The tempting refund option. The email looks incredibly like the real thing, especially when you are looking at it fleetingly on an iPhone and when you think you've just paid over £25 for music that's not your thing.

Looks like any other Apple Invoice you'd get if your an iTunes customer. Hovering over the Refund link in Outlook clearly shows that its not an Apple site.

If you do go to the site it will likely ask you for further details such as Mother's maiden name, credit card number and even the 3 digit CCV code on the back of your card. Few sites, if any, will ever ask you to provide personal information or sensitive account information (such as passwords or credit card numbers) via email.

This applies equally to business users as it does consumers - a recent test a client site showed that we at work are as easily susceptible to clicking on fake emails as our families are. So always be cautious, whether at work or home.

for more detailed information on the Apple email, please see the following link;