"Even Tech-Savvy users will be fooled"

We've been educated into checking email and most dodgy ones are fairly easy to spot - poor spelling, bad grammar or obvious tricks to try and hide email addresses and fake website addresses.

The latest scam look like its taken all the above issues into account and ensured that "tech savvy" users are taken in. How does it work?

You login and that's your account compromised as it's not actually the real Google page.

The difference here is that everything looks "right". The initial email might even be from someone you know (as their account may well have been compromised).

So, as always, try and ensure that you know who it's from, and be careful if you are asked to enter your password into a site when you don't expect it to. Check the address in your web browser and if it's not what you expect, close the page and type it in manually.

Check here for the latest. https://www.wordfence.com/blog...