Microsoft Cloud PC - now Windows 365

Microsoft has unveiled their cloud-based Windows 365 "desktop as a service"

Windows 365

Microsoft has revealed the Windows 365 cloud-based desktop experience running on top of Azure Virtual Desktop, which will be available from 2 August 2021.

Our first thought was what the difference is between Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop? The pricing structure hasn't been fully announced but the way it is priced may be a factor, with Windows 365 easier to forecast costs.

Windows 365 will be released with two subscription plans called Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise. Each plan includes different per user per month pricing depending on the hardware tiers that are selected for Cloud PCs.

At launch, the smallest configuration is quoted as 1vCPU/2GB/64GB, and the largest offering being 8vCPU/32GB/512GB.

More details will be released on launch on 2nd August 2021.