Personal Details of 5 Million staff from the worlds top 1000 companies leaked

Whilst Yahoo has leaked user details of up to 500 million user accounts, it seems we use our corporate email address for sites such as LinkedIn, Dropbox and even Ashley Maddison.

Digital Shadows, a cyber research group found that 97% of the top 1000 companies had corporate email addresses and passwords leaked.

To make matters worse, the analysis shows that some of the data was from 2012 and that we don't change our passwords often and reuse them where we can.

We've been involved in setting password policies for companies internal security and its often an exercise in balancing security with ease of use. Sometimes we compromise on how long a password will last before expiry but then insist on a much longer password in return. Complexity (using upper case and lower case, numbers and symbols) isn't really negotiable.

The next time you sigh at having to change your password, bear in mind that it's not only protecting the company you work for, but your own personal data.

If you haven't changed the password on your online accounts recently, consider doing it now. And don't just add another 1 to your Fluffy23 password.